Fairprice Finest Cook Demos 2015 1/6 (Bedok Mall)

Our returning client for the 3rd year collaboration. First Fairprice Finest event with Food and Travel Magazine for 2015. Bringing inspiration to shoppers with everyday ingredients cooked in a different way. Today our road show was at Bedok Mall’s Finest Supermarket!!

11874918_10207223603850117_1665593907_o 11906968_10207223606970195_590623666_o 11936518_10207223604210126_2125356106_o 11942421_10207223603610111_376855023_o

11903465_10207223607370205_1063485621_n 11908045_10207223607090198_1729058581_n 11894725_10207224233305853_1175324037_o 11887705_10207224232985845_1168623620_o

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