Parkway Cancer Center Cooking Demo

Very special unique client today for demo and wellness living, Parkway Cancer Center, a returning client in fact. The audience were either cancer sufferers themselves or primary caregivers. Many factors to consider during menu planning for show. From ingredients to cooking techniques and even materials of cooking untensils. The smoke detector in the ballroom ceiling is not a friend for show either…..

11831933_10207217246171179_1695605205_o 11882144_10207216960204030_740803779_o 11907004_10207217247211205_1130266870_o 11907021_10207217439696017_692785606_o  11929949_10207217247051201_1200640460_o 11939277_10207217246571189_1484670512_o11909760_10207217247371209_1514712805_n

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