Ocean Bella is finally launched!! A collaboration with Cellmore Fisheries

One of greatest satisfaction on being a consultant to your food manufacturing clients is to see the birth of a product concept on the design board to its final launch in public supermarkets for sale to consumers.
Product design is one of Lush Epicurean’s core competencies and clients not only get product development ideas but important advice to understand how kitchen samples can be scaled up into manufacturing lines for mass production meeting the HACCP concerns and food safety challenges due to our knowledge both in culinary artistry and food science. This saves a lot of unnecessary frustrations whereby only realistic ideas are presented to clients to meet both demands of culinary art and food science safety concerns. The path to addressing all aspects of a product is never easy and can take months or even years just to make sure it is worth the consumers money. Congratulations to Cellmore Food Industries…finally the product is launched in Singapore!! The journey since 2013 is finally completed.

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