Chinese New Year 2018 Cooking Classes

Every year without fail from December onwards, we run our series of Chinese New Year Cooking Classes at Buona Vista CC. Besides new recipes, we also bring back classics that have been done since 2003. This year we partnered with The Seafood Company in collaboration for the classes featuring some of their best products ideal for the festive season. From pre-braised abalones, to sea cucumbers, large king size wild sea prawns, live Hokkaido scallops and many more that are being featured in the recipes. The recipes are designed to manage full use of kitchen equipment available in a typical home setting and most importantly tips are shared with the participants on how to organize the preparation work and storage challenges over the long weekend festive cooking. Happy cooking and here’s an early greeting to our friends and associates, a very happy healthy prosperous year of the Dog!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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