FAQs and Testimonies

Why should I attend cooking workshops when I can find recipes in books, magazines, TV and newspapers?

Cooking workshops are interactive and eye opening experiences. The chef is able to explain alternative solutions and techniques for a recipe as not everyone has the same standard of kitchen equipment at home and culinary knowledge.

When do I get in a cooking workshop?

Forget about the goodie bag unless that was your main objective to attend the workshop. Besides culinary knowledge, you should get ample tasting portions, active discussions to build confidence to cook at home and five dimensional learnings through your five senses.

Does is matter if that the chef is a celebrity in a cooking workshop?

Yes if you are looking for the entertainment factor, no if you are seriously looking to learn something that you can take home with. Entertainment lasts for the 2.5-3hours that you are in the show. Education lasts you a lifetime as the trainer will not be taking back the knowledge that has been share with you. Therefore you have to decide if you want to be entertained or educated.

Are your recipes reliable?
Recipes are not prescriptions. They are guides to assist u along in the cooking process. Some things like control of fire and management of ingredients cannot be taught. It has to be learnt through experience. Our recipes are validated based on our cooking environment. You may need to adjust slightly according to the variables that u will have to manage as u cook.

Testimones from past participants:

Dear Chef Eric

It was a most delicious curry sampling for me this morning! The tau-hu telor was good and spongy; and not oily like the restaurant type and the mee goreng was quite addictive! I bought the sambal paste from Auntie to try cooking kang kong with, but would like to have the recipe you offered for the sambal making.

Thank you


Gek Hua

22nd July 2007

Dear Chef Eric,

Thank you for the interesting workshop and the savoury food today.

I personally like the idea of adding tomato paste to the chicken curry as it adds a new dimension to the traditional recipe, both in terms of flavour and creativity 🙂

As for the Punggol Mee Goreng, do you think you can forward me the recipe for the sambal chilli paste, please? Thinking of doing a hands-on next weekend to put what I’ve learnt in class to practice…

Thank you and all the best!

Best Regards,
Siew Siew

21st July 2007

Hello Chef

i attended  your workshop at Toa Payoh Central CC . My son enjoyed the food i brought back for him to taste.  He too commented the food was delicious.  I wanted to cook but I need your sambal chilli recipe. Could you please email me and thank you again.

Karen Tan

21st July 2007

Hello Chef Eric,

I’ve just attended your cooking class and I wish to be on your Mailing list.
PS: the food is GREAT! (:

Thank You and God Bless

Lim Siew Gek

Saturday 30th June 2007

Dear Eric,

I attended your last class at cainhill last Saturday morning. The dishes were very yummy. Which civil service club are you teaching? I check there were a few.

Jennifer Ang

Monday 25th June 2007

Hi Chef Eric

I enjoyed your Italian cooking class on 23 June (Sat) morning. The pasta and grilled chicken were simply yummy! I also enjoyed the tomato based sauce which was served with the grilled chicken. Would appreciate if you could let me have the recipe for the tomato sauce.

Hope to attend more of your classes in future. Will be checking out your blog for updates.

 Thank you.


Sunday 24th June 2007

Hi, Chef i did the above menu during chinese new year but the duck meat and bone separated when I scoop up from the sauce.  How can I avoid the same thing mext time.

Your Braised Pork Ribs with Balsamic Vinegar and Roasted Australian Pumpkins is success this year, every one start asking for the recipe.  However,during Chinese New Year Pork Ribs is selling @ $22 per kg.  Anyway to cut cost, where did you brough your pork ribs from during the Workshop?  If I am doing 3 x the recipe do I need to x3 the amount for the braising Sauce and how about the total weight of the pork ribs should be?


tan hock guan

Friday, March 2, 2007

Dear Chef Eric

A very happy, healthy and successful new year to you and your family.I have attended all your Chinese New Year workshops (menu #4 to #9) and I am impressed – you make cooking seem so easy and your recipes are yummy.  Thanks

for sharing. I have prepared some of the recipes for my family renunion dinner and received

rave reviews – “yummilicious, refreshing change, taste good and look good…”

In fact many relatives are asking for recipes of the cereal prawns, xo meepok,

braised duck and black glutinous rice. I am in the midst of sorting out your recipes and would appreciate if you will

send me the brochures/pdf files on menu 4 to 7 for my file.

Thanks again

With kind regards

Lynda Low

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


thanks for the email.  The workshop at the Civil Service Club on 18 Aug 06 was the first time I attended your class and found it thoroughly enjoyable.  The recipe you gave is crystal clear and easy to follow.  I had a great time.  Thanks for the updates, and I look forward to attending many more of your workshops. 


Goh Chai Peng

20th August 2006

hi chef eric,

This is evelyn, one of your students who attended the Mexican cuisine this afternoon, enjoyed the cooking session very much and looking forward to having to gain more  from your sharing of your experiences.

Thkq very much

evelyn loh

19th august 2006

Hello Chef Eric,

I am glad to attend your wokshop of “Favourites Recipes Workshop 1” at The Serangoon in early Aug 2006. I have tried out the recipes at home, “WOW” it is wonderful and making cooking easy than I thought (especially the curry chicken). Thanks a lot.

Please help me on the following question :-

a) For the kicap manis, can I keep the balance (boiled but unused) in the fridge? If yes, how long can I stored it?

Best regards,


17th Aug 2006

Hi Chef Eric

I have been sending my maid for your courses at Cairnhill CC and my family have been enjoying your recipes she have learnt so far!

She made some Japanese gyoza a few weeks ago.

While the filling was delicious, I find the skin too tough for our liking. I have tried some various brands from NTUC, Cold Storage but find them all too thick. Can you let me know which is the best brand to get a thinner skin(becoz it gets quite hard when left on the table and not eaten rightaway) and where to buy from, price etc.

Thank YOu

Mrs Diong

2nd August 2006

Dear Eric,

Thank u for the Chawanmushi recipe. You are generous.

I am a regular at your cooking class and will definitely attend your October Jap class on this subject.

Now I am able to do my family a complete Jap meal: Soboro Rice


Tempura prawn and veg


Miso Soup

Jap pancake

My family loves eating and I love cooking and baking. I love it when they enjoy the food and praises me. I attend many lessons with different chefs and found out about u only recently when I attended Mdm Choo’s baking class.

Whatever I learn, I try them, compile them and file them into cards so that in future my daughter can use them. I find that not only the recipe must be correct but also the technique. I have some very good recipe but if the technique is not good, it doesn’t turn out well, so in my cards, I write the technique also.

Thank you. U will be seeing me again soon. Your recipes are simple and good to eat.

Have a good day.

Mimi Heng

24th July 2006


Hi Chef,

Thanks for sharing all your interesting recipes with us. 

Looking forward to all your upcoming interesting recipes. Glad to note that there is a menu focusing on “Hi Tea session” as I do love to invite friends for some simple delights of such. I must say that I enjoyed and love all your Italian pasta classes. It is really good and fantastic. Thanks again to your passion in food and willingly share with us all the interesting recipes. I truly learned and enjoyed most of your classes that I attended. You are simply the BEST!



8th July 2006

Dear Eric,

I attended the Vietnamese Cuisine course & tried the seafood patties. Delicious! My family like them & I’m going to try the other dishes. Also I tried your tiramisu last week at Carnhill CC & enjoyed the taste. I couldn’t sleep after that- must be the strong coffee, rum & wine! Anyway, I want to learn how to make it well. Hence I’m in the process of buying the ingredients for the tiramisu & will try making it next week. Wish me luck!

Thank you for sharing the recipes & being so patient with us.


2nd July 2006


Hi Eric

Thank you for sending me the attachment for Italian W/S 3, however I also need the attachment for the Japanese Cuisine Workshop 1, could you send it to me.

Could you repeat the class for the Japanese Workshop 3 at Cairnhill.  Your workshop is fantastic. 


Iris Lim

29th June 2006

Morning Eric

I’ve attended your Italian Cuisine at Cairnhill CC yesterday.  The roast lamb and the tiramisu is really mama mia…  I love it very very much.

Thanks & Regards

Linda Tay

29th June 2006

Eric,What a lovely Tiramisu that was.     Heavenly! The lamb and the salad were fantastic, too. I think the brochure to tonite’s course was not attached in your past     announcement. Would you be kind enough to send me Italian Cuisine     Workshop 2 and 3? Thank you very much. I hope you will be offering workshop 1     again at some point.


Kay Parkinson 

June 28th 2006

Hi Eric,

My grifriend and I have attended a number of your classes and, so far, our efforts in creating the dishes that we have learnt from you have been met with much enthusiasm and praises.

Thanks & best regards,

Florence Ho

22nd March 2006

Dear Eric

I am Carmen from Colombia. I took some cooking lessons in Marine Parade last year and enjoyed them very much with my friend Zuleyca from Argentina.
I am leaving Singapore next week. I’m going to England.
I will miss your lessons a lot.
Congratulations for your great work. I hope my friend Zuleyca can continued having this lessons.
Thanks a lot for your information and all the best for you and your family.

Kind regards

29th May 2006

Hello Chef Eric,

I have attended two of your classes, one was the vegetarian one at Cairnhill CC and the other one was the Italian night at Siglap CC. I tried the Chicken with Thyme & fennel pickel, mushroom pasta & strawberry dessert menu out for dinner and I must say that it turned out superb. I am keen on doing the pasta workshop which I think is on at Pasir Ris. I would be grateful if you can send me the details for that. Thank you.


Shilpa Gupta May 4th 2006

Dear Chef

Thank you for the many enjoyable and valuable lessons you have given us in Marine Parade.Please continue to instill us with your valuable skills and knowledge!

Yours sincerely

Hwee Mien April 5th 2006

Hi Eric,

I attended for the first time your cooking class last Friday at the Elias CC and find that your teaching is very comprehensive and informational.

I wanted to let you know that you are a promising young chef cum teacher which is rare in Singapore.  I wish I could join more of your teaching classes but sad to say I will be migrating to Australia in May.

If you do not mind, I would like to keep your contact as a reference for all my cooking tips as I am not a good cook.

If you are ever travelling to Perth and hosting any cooking class there, please do let me know.  I will be the first to join your class!

Take care and God Bless.

Annie (Annie Lim justinmummy@yahoo.com)  April 10th 2006

Dear Chef Eric,

Thank you very much for the wonderful sessions conducted on 25/3/2006.  I took up the two sessions and have enjoyed your teaching tremendously.  I have also spoke to a couple of friends about you and they are all interested.

You are indeed an excellent chef.  You speak well, you illustrate well and you are so helpful – so eager to share with us the cooking secrets.

As I have said, I would like to attend to all your cooking course conducted in the Cairnhill CC if I am not travelling.I will be away on the 9th April to 16th April and is disappointed if I miss out any of the classes should you conduct in the Cairnhill CC during this period. Please continue to update me of the courses conducted in Cairnhill CC ( a CC of which I am familiar to)

Once again,  Thank you very much.

With best wishes

Lilian Li

winmoon@singnet.com.sg 28th March 2006

Hi Chef Eric:

I attended your roast turkey class last December and roasted a turkey for my Christmas party.  It was a hit with all my guests.  Everyone love it and my husband didn’t have enough of it.  I bought another turkey and wanted to roast but ….I know Christmas is over but I still have a 5.5kg turkey in my freezer.  Your receipe is for 4.5kg to

5kg turkey.The roasting time is 1.5hour.  If my turkey is 5.5kg, how long should I roast it for then?Please adv. as I would like to roast it within this 2 weeks.

thank you.

Ivy Wee 16th March 2006

Dear Chef Eric,

Thanks for being the life saviour. I did the potato with truffled oil. It was a hit. So also was the pasta with shitake mushrooms. Lovely. Thanks.

esther hsu (hsu_boon_wah@moe.edu.sg) December 30, 2005 

Dear Eric

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

I have attended a few of your workshops and found them to be interesting.

For this Christmas, I would like to bake a Turkey with Hawthorn Berry Marmalade and will be doing it on Saturday.  This is the first time I am trying out cooking /turkey.

For the wine, can you advise which type of drinking wine and red wine vinegar should I use. 

Thank you. 

June Ong (june@upasana.com.sg) December 22, 2005

hi eric

i’ve enjoyed your classes very much

keep up the good work and look forward to more lessons with you


Mei Lan (meilan@temasek.com.sg) December 12, 2005

Thanks, Chef.

Just want to let you know that I enjoy your lessons and that your recipes are great.

Tan Gek Hong Angela tan_gek_hong_angela@moe.edu.sg December 6, 2005

Hi Chef Eric

Last Saturday was my first time attending your lesson in Ulu Pandan CC. I found the lessons to be very informative and fruitful.

I understand now why my husband and I never enjoy each other pasta/spaghetti cooking until I follow your receipe. My husband enjoyed it so much because the spaghatti was tender to his bite and the tomato sauce was delicious. For me, the sauce was not commercialize like those bought from the supermarket.I have subsequently signed up few of your cooking courses and looking forward to them.

Thank you for holding classes in Ulu Pandan CC.

Best regards

Sau Ping (Lee.Sau.Ping@icprc.com) November 15, 2005

Hi Eric
Thank you for your email.

Being a first timer (the first who walked into your class at UPCC – remember?) and I must say that I truly enjoyed the lesson.

After the lesson, I proudly announced to my husband and son that I leant three new dishes, and I must try cooking them, one of these days.

Cindy (cindy.tan@capitaland.com.sg) September 15, 2005 

HI Eric,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I must say I enjoy your lesson very much. I’m looking forward to attend your Swiss Cuisine workshop 1 & 2. Do you have any intention to start these 2 classes in the East side? Of course, I won’t miss out your Fish & Chips class too. 🙂


Jovinna (cjovinna@yahoo.com.sg) August 13, 2005 

Hi Chef Eric,
Thanks for the session last week (Swiss cuisine II at civil service club).
Tried the sausages & mash potatoes recipe couple of days ago and everyone at home loved it! I bought pork bratwurst from Cold Storage and saw on the label that they were prepared by Pan Pacific. They were really good… I hadn’t had such nice sausages in a long while!
I also really liked the ready-made demiglaze powder that u sold. So easy to prepare. Just wondering if you have ready stock of this powder on sale all the time? In case I do run out, do I email you to make an order?
One other thing… I would like to order one bottle of Truffle oil.
Any idea when the oil will come in? Cos I’ll be attending your Pasta Nite (Civil Service Club) and can pick it up if its available then. If not, then I’ll have to pick it up another time.
Thanks so much.
Janice F Lawther (
janicefiona66@hotmail.com) August 31, 2005

Hi Eric,

Tried out the recipe for the Chicken Bangalore Curry

featured in your spice oddesey workshop. According to

the recipe given, 100ml of water is to be added if i

aint mistaken. However,I found that the curry becomes

a tad bit to dry, even after i took the liberty of

adding an additional 200ml of water or so. Could you

offer some advice on that?

Anyway, really impressed by your versatality and your

wide range of culinary skills. Keep coming up with new

and exotic cruisine and continue the excellent

workshops you have been conducting so far. Thank you

for your attention once again!


Colin Wang (col_wang@yahoo.com) July 19, 2005

Hi Eric;

My name is Dan, and I had attended both of your cooking workshops(Pork Chop & Italian) at Ulu Pandan CC last month. I enjoy food and might go into food business somedays, but I am a terrible cook. Your sessions were eye-opening for me, interesting and interactive. The best part was that I get to taste the food you prepared:-). Thanks!

Warmest Regards,
Daniel Leong (danielbb@singnet.com.sg) July 6, 2005

hi chef eric,

congrats! keep up the good work!

susan chua (csmeng@pacific.net.sg) April 21, 2005

Dear Chef Eric,

Congratulations on your award, we feel honoured to learn under a world class chef.  I enjoyed your lessons very much because firstly it’s cheaper than any other schools outside, and your recipes are interesting & easy to follow.  I have cooked your recipes on several occasions and my family enjoy the change in my style of cooking very much. 

Thanks & Regards

May (seika@pacific.net.sg) April 21, 2005

Dear Chef Eric

My heartiest congratulation and keep it up with the good work!

You can rest assure that you can count on us.

Once again, every success in everything you do.

Sincerely yours

Mike (mikelye2002@yahoo.com.sg) April 21, 2005

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the sharings. Yes!  it was indeed a beautiful and very modern CC. My family was invited to their new opening function party on 26/6/2005 but did  not have the chance to see the cooking workshop area.  Must go there  one day.

By the way, I tried cooking your French Onion Soup and the cheese croutons last sunday for my family. IT WAS THUMPS UP! We enjoyed it very much even so when we had it the next day. It was more salty , I just added some water to dilute it and it was great. Many thanks and have a great weekend. Send my best regards to your mum.

See you soon,

Jenny Seah (redhot@starhub.net.sg) July 22, 2005

Hi Chef,

Congratulations!!  Its really an honour to be selected.  You definitely deserve it!!  All the best to you.

Btw, I missed yr French Cuisine class.  Is there anymore session on this?


Violet (violetchua@pacific.net.sg) April 29, 2005 

Hi Chef Eric

Just a feed back to you, did the BBQ Spare Ribs and Truffle potato – turns out very good…… friends enjoyed.  Btw, wanted to do the pork loin which I’ve learnt, but the brown sauce is beef extract which bot from you, what can be used to substitute if one doesn’t take beef.  Please advise.

Thanks, cheers

Jackie (jacqueline.wah@swiss-one.com) April 11, 2005 

Hi Eric

Congratulation on your achievement!  YOU DESERVE THIS AWARD!  I enjoyed

your cooking class very much, and the results are always satisfatory.  Keep

it up, and I’m looking forward to your many more classes ahead.

Best regards,

Joyce Chua (Joyce_K_E_CHUA@pa.gov.sg) April 22, 2005 

Hi Chef Eric

My heartiest congratulations to your new achievement!  I was away from

office for a 2-day course and did not see your email on the abovementioned awards.  That’s why I did not congratulate you last Sat as I was not aware of this even though the girls mentioned the award.  It is the fruits of all your hard work you have put in all these years.  I am happy too as I have a world class culinary “sifu” to learn from.  I will definitely continue to recommend my friends to your workshop.  Keep up the good works and looking forward to learning more interesting cuisine workshops from you after your overseas trip.  Have a good trip (both to you and your mum).  Regards and cheers!!!                                                              

Eveleen Hiew (Ms) (26 April 2005)

PA to Director, Education Programmes, Ministry of Education, Blk 1, #01-03, 51 Grange Road, S249564 ö Tel:  68319500,  Fax:  68354467

Hi Chef Eric,

Congratulations on your attainment of the Global Chef Award.   I have

indeed enjoyed most of your workshops. 

Thanks & Rgds

Jessie Tan (tan2@hdb.gov.sg) April 25, 2005


Hi Chef Eric,

Just got back from a holiday, and found this piece of good news in my inbox – Congrats!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Your humility and enthusiasm only serves to deepen my love for food!


Vien (vivien@witsnwisdom.com)  April 24, 2005


Hi Eric,

James and I would like to say a big thank you to you and Naomi for providing us with such a spectacular meal last night. Eric, you are a truly talented chef and we look forward to employing your services again in the near future.

Have a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards

Dimitie Harris (djoharris@pacific.net.sg) December 12, 2003 

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