twitter_cvr (1)Lush Epicurean is a Singapore based multi disciplinary culinary consultancy providing a spectrum of culinary services to the foodservice and consumer brands of the food industry. With both Culinary  and Food Science oriented industrial experience and business skills, our expertise areas revolve around the word CHEF:

Our area of expertise in different disciplines revolves around the word CHEF.

C= Culinary.
From recipe development to product design, menu engineering, media events and private dining, we have done it for independent restaurants, fnb groups, FMCG food manufacturers and trade commissions. We are well versed in both Culinary Artistry and Food Science. We also work with foodservice kitchen appliances brands on new kitchen build ups.

H= Heritage
We have a strong belief in embracing our own cuisine heritage and for that, we have taken Singaporean and Teochew flavours to London, Brasilia, Bangkok and Shanghai. In addition, Chef Eric has published two cookbooks on Teochew Cuisine and is the Culinary Ambassador for Teochew Festival Singapore 2021.

E= Education
Passing it forward is our principle for the next generations. We have done educational seminars both local and overseas for trade boards, cuisine festivals product launches, working with entities like USA Poultry, Idaho Potatoes and Cellmore Fisheries.

F= Feed
As part of our CSR intiatives, we champion on food wastage together with corporates like Electrolux and Philips. We do community feeding events and we work with Foodbank SG in our educational programs to educate public on managing food wastage and ugly ingredients.

Chef Bio:


With more than 30 years of international and local culinary experiences, Chef Eric Low is a recognized name in the industry for championing both Singapore and Teochew heritage cuisines, consultancy in food science and culinary projects management, and curating the culinary elements of events like SG Day 2014 London, SG 50 Diplomatic Dinner 2015 in Brasilia, and HSBC Global Banking Dinner in Bangkok 2019. Award winning and multi-talented in different disciplines of the culinary profession, Chef Eric’s additional scope of expertise beyond culinary management includes education, media engagement, culinary journalism, and brand ambassadorships to Electrolux CSR initiatives on Ugly Food and Wastage campaigns, Teochew Festival 2021.

Certified as a International Level Culinary Judge for professional competitions by Worldchefs for his multiple awards and achievements in his culinary career, Chef Eric’s expertise has contributed to the jury teams in many culinary competitions in Asia and Middle East. In the area of culinary journalism, Chef Eric has contributed articles to publications like Cuisine and Wine Scene Asia, Epicure, Wine and Dine. He has also published 6 cookbooks with 3 of them recognized by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2015 and 2016.


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