Professional Consultation Services

With 10 years of experience in HORECA channels, 5.5 years of experience as a Private Yacht Chef managing some of the world’s most opulent private yachts and 9.5 years of Food Science related R&D culinary experiences, Chef Eric’s Lush Epicurean is proud to be able to offer the following kinds of services to our different portfolio of clients.

Definition of a Professional: “It is not about the job you do, it is how you do it!!”

From the scope of Culinary Artistry:

  • Recipe Development, CSR Programs and Product Education for lifestyle (retail) and foodservices kitchen appliances. 

We can help to close the gap between an appliance and your customer through developing recipes featuring the full potential of an appliance and educating the customer on how to optimise its full performance abilities.

  • Recipe Development for culinary products for food manufacturers and distributors (Retail/Food Service)

We showcase the versatility of your products beyond the primary application and educate your potential customers the attributes of the products through recipes featuring your product as a core ingredient.

  • Private Chef services on yachts, residences and selected outdoor dining locations

With 5.5 years of global experiences on high profile yachts (MY Izanami, MY Lady Moura, MY Golden Bay) and managing the kitchens of residences of the yacht owners around Europe and Middle East, we are able to take on Guest Chef assignments and also train potential yacht chefs to deal with demands of running such sophisticated and a more challenging environment than land based kitchens.

  • Team Bonding Sessions with Corporate MNCs

Having been in a MNC environment ourselves for almost 10 years before setting up Lush Epicurean, We are able to host groups from different MNCs in team building exercises and in applying the learning of principles of cooking into daily work operations through fun and humorous way.

  • Conducting Culinary Demo Workshops in private studios, public institutions, retail supermarkets, pop up dinning experience events with lifestyle event partners.

We do more than 200 shows a year with our trade partners in helping them fufill their business objectives. We have experience in coordination with all stake holders in managing each show from 12-70pax in both hands on and demo formats. We offer extensive cuisine options, themes and customizations with clients and managing their cost expectations working with some of our product sponsors.

  • Cuisine Immersion Programs and Recipe Development for statutory boards and their core objectives.

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Partnering different statutory boards in their different food campaigns from healthy lifestyle to food safety to cuisine showcase, we help our statutory board clients achieve their core targets for community projects and national interests.

  • Menu innovation and renovation for restaurants, caterers and cafes.




  1. YPX Food and Beverages Group, Shanghai, China
  2. The Royals Café and Catering Group, Singapore
  3. Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church Student Care and Meals on Wheels Program
  4. Tong Chiang Group
  5. Seyu Kitchen
  6. Kim’s Kitchen
  7. Gourmetz Catering
  8. Orange Clove Catering
  9. Neo Group
  10. Gourmet Lanka

 Other Services:

  • Post recipe implementation culinary training for staff of business clients.
  • Content building for food related webpages with recipes, ingredient articles, products reviews and food travels articles.
  • Media Productions Technical Support Services

Food Science and Marketing:

  • Product design and culinary application of new products for food manufacturers.
  • Products applications demo in trade shows and media food programs

Recipe application video for Kara Coconut Milk

Recipe application video for Kara Coconut Milk

Recipe application video for Kara Coconut Milk

Recipe application video with Kara Coconut Milk

Recipe application video for Kara Coconut Milk

  • Panel speaking for seminars on the importance of food science in cooking, food products and good kitchen practices.

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