It is always a Chef’s dream to share his knowledge and cuisine to people who appreciate the art of cooking. Inspired by one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantonese cuisines in Singapore, Chef Eric to date has penned 6 cookbooks since 2013. From ingredients to festive to heritage based themes, the cookbooks showcases some of his best kept recipes, travel inspired cuisines and cooking experiences over the last 25 years.

Books Published:


  1. 50 Best Kept Chicken Recipes by Chef Eric Low (Seashore Publications)


  1. Makan Mushroooms by Chef Eric Low (Seashore Publications)
  2. Onions, by Chef Eric Low (Seashore Publications)


  1. A Blissful Reunion by Chef Eric Low and Madam Lee Kah Gek, Winner, Best Leisure Cookbook, National Category, Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2015, Top 5 Global Chinese Cuisine Cookbook Finalists for 2015
  2. The Little Teochew Cookbook by Chef Eric Low (June 2015,. Marshal Cavendish)
  3. Singapore Hertitage Cuisine: Teochew Cuisine by Chef Eric Low (July 2015, Marshal Cavendish

teochew heritage cooking cover.indd the little teochew cookbook cover 26 may final.indd





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